Unlike other installation companies, we do not buy or sell material handling equipment, but focus rather entirely on installations. Understanding each customer’s specific needs is our specialty, which is why we take the time in getting to know you and tailor our efforts, so that we can fulfill your exact requirements and guidelines.

Our prices are extremely competitive, and our quality of work is unmatched in the industry. With an estimated 637 million square feet of industrial warehouse space currently under construction across the country and 20 billion more projected over the next 3 years, our inbox’s have been flooded with quotes. As a result, you can expect quoting turnaround time to be roughly 5-7 days of your initial request.

Let’s build together!

Our Services


As the nation’s leading rack installation company, Alo Installers and Safeway Installations can accommodate any project, large or small, in any quadrant of the country, as well as, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. Equipped with company owned vehicles, tools, and instruments, our teams have the necessary experience to install your project safely and efficiently. Built on safety with over 200 full time personnel and proudly combined with over 150 years of experience on the supervisory level, our Site Superintendents, along with their OSHA 30’s, have the utmost knowledge in the industry, which is why we’ve come to be known as the nation’s leader. Our teams can assemble any system, domestic or foreign, assembled or pre-assembled, roll form or structural, tall or short, whatever your needs, we can provide the skilled resources. 

Anthony J Menicola

Our mission

“To be able to provide our customers with the safest, most efficient, professionally staffed, and managed installation.”

Our Vision

In addition to our work force, our Project Management is what ideally separates us from the pack, as our Project Managers far exceed expectations on the majority of projects. Strategically scheduled site visits, progressive daily reports, communication with our Site Super’s, and most importantly, our customer’s, are all part of our pledge.